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House plans with outdoor garage storage can help you get the house you have always wanted. A lot of people want a house that will allow them to have easy access to their cars, workshop equipment, and even tools if they need them. But some also want to be able to park their cars in the garage during the weekend and not worry about theft or damage. Having house floor plans that include an outdoor garage will allow you to get all of this and more. When you start your house plans with outdoor garage storage, you need to plan for where you are going to put it. Since most of the house plans with outdoor garage storage use the back yard as the storage area, you need to make sure that the area is large enough to hold the garage and that you have a good foundation to build it on. You also need to check with the building department to make sure that you can build it on your lot or if you need to have any permission from the building department. If you have a small backyard, you may not need to worry about that, but a large backyard will give you plenty of room to play and relax outdoors. One house plan with outdoor garage storage uses the back yard as the main storage area. The house plans with outdoor garage storage consist of a large shed that is built into the side of the house. The shed has a door on the front that leads to a large open area that is covered in a grassy yard. The other side of the house has two walls that run straight up to the roof of the house. These walls are used to help keep debris and outdoor animals out of the house. Other house plans with outdoor garage storage include ones that use a covered walkway that leads to a covered garage. In this house plan, the outdoor garage is the main storage area for the tools. The walkway is covered with a tarp so that nothing is visible. House plans with outdoor lighting for the garage space are great for anyone who enjoys working in the dark. Garage lighting can be used to create a path or to highlight the object that you are working on. Outdoor garage lighting can also be used to help you see when you are working.