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Why to use Coin jar

CoinJar only supports deposits in GBP by UK wire transfer, but this is another easy and cheap way to buy Litcoin (LTC) in the UK. Faster payments are supported. This means your GBP will be credited to your CoinJar account within minutes of your first deposit. Some options support faster checkout, but not all of them are as fast. CoinJar uses a simple and intuitive interface to charge a flat 1% fee every time you buy or sell Litcoin (LTC) or any other supported cryptocurrency. Previous tests from have found that exchange rates are generally around 0.3% higher than the best exchange rates found elsewhere in case of some crypto. The app allows UK residents to deposit pounds using UK bank transfers, although it has been temporarily disabled for several months. You can then use the balance in your GBP wallet to buy Litcoin (LTC) without paying an explicit fee. It supports many of the biggest and most popular cryptocurrencies, including those like XMR which are harder to earn and easy to earn coins like Ethereum (ETH). You can also use the app to buy Litcoin (LTC) with your debit or credit card. For UK residents, there is a 2.99% fee to purchase crypto with a debit or credit card. There are reports that the UK bank card cannot be used, but it still seems to work for most users. Wirex Wirex offers crypto accounts in the UK, EU and Asia Pacific. They have made buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Litcoin (LTC) quick and easy. With Wirex, you can buy Litcoin (LTC) using the following payment methods: • Debit Card (GBP) • Credit Card (GBP) • Bank transfer to UK (via Faster Payment Service) • Other cryptocurrencies like Litcoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Wirex hides variable rates according to cryptocurrency exchange rates and charges a flat rate fee. Software wallet that supports Litcoin (LTC) If you don't want to buy a hardware wallet yet, there are plenty of Litcoin (LTC) software wallets that you can install on your desktop or mobile device. For most people, this is an unsafe option and remains vulnerable to computer (or mobile) malware infections. We recommend checking out Atomic Wallet if you take this route. The reason is as follows. • Support on every platform. • Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. • You can manage the same account on your computer and mobile phone. • Excellent interface, simple and easy to use. • Supports Litcoin (LTC) and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies.