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Your questions and our answers with Toto Dubai

1. Reasons for selecting the bus stop as a food-fight guarantee company Bus stop boasts the No. 1 member satisfaction in 2021. Muktu Dubai receives a deposit of 80 million won from the bus stop and supports members to use it more safely. Bus Stop is currently a large-scale Toto site with 30,000 members and is highly reliable as a site trusted and used by members.

The bus stop site pays 30% additional points for the first charge event and 10% additional points for each charge. We support the use of the site more safely by establishing a system that compensates for delays in currency exchange.

2. The reason why Starzone was selected as a food guarantee company Starzone is one of the safest Toto sites built based on the largest seed money among newly created totosites. Recently, the number of users is rapidly increasing due to aggressive marketing, and it has been confirmed that the satisfaction among members is very high, providing real-time point benefits and first-time benefits.

Muktu Dubai received a deposit of about 80 million won from the Star Zone management team. All deposits received are used to prepare for the accidents of the members. Start having fun betting in the Star Zone recommended by Eat-Dubai! The Starzone site provides an event with an additional 30% point payment for the first charge and 10% points for each charge. In addition, by introducing a virtual account system, we have a more thorough security system to relieve anxiety about currency exchange.

3. Can I use the guarantee company recommended by Muktu Dubai with confidence? Of course. Before recommending a guarantee company according to the eat-and-run verification guideline, which is being built by itself, Dubai is evaluating the stability according to the verification procedure. The analyzed verification results are classified into a 5-point scale and only sites with an average score of 4.5 or higher are recommended to members. In addition, we are doing our best to protect the valuable capital of our members by introducing a deposit system.

4. What is the verification process for Eat-Dubai? The verification process of Eat-Dubai is being verified with a more demanding procedure than any other verification community. Based on the experience of operating the Toto site market for many years, professional eat-and-run verification team evaluates the safety of the site by mobilizing human networks to collect the site's capital strength, security status, and several new daily users.