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Hotel Guide For Foodies

The Westgate Grand Central Hotel is famed for its classic elegance and modern features. It has excellent services for all its guests to ensure a comfortable stay. It is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan at Grand Central Terminal. So one can travel anywhere leisurely. The hotel even has boarding pass printing services to make things easier. The location of the hotel is near many great restaurants that are only a few blocks away. One can eat at the hotel lobby or choose to go out to a restaurant nearby. Hotel rooms even have a mini-fridge that guests can use to store food, perfect for food enthusiasts. One can book their hotel rooms online at the Official Hotel Site. Hotel Drinks and Snacks: The Tutor City Market Place and Tavern is located right in the lobby of the hotel. One can enjoy dining here on soups, sandwiches and salads. There is also a fully stocked bar one can get their favorite drinks from. They can enjoy beers, cocktails, wine and spirits. One can get tedious caffeine drinks too, like Starbucks coffee, Frappuccino, cappuccino, and expresso. If one prefers tea instead, they could go for Tazo Tea. Their specials include the two ravishing drinks, The 'Rag Gangs' Smoking Gun and Moon Over Manhattan. In-Room Coffee And Tea Makers: The Westgate Grand Central Hotel has in-room coffee and tea maker machines. That way, one can have as many cups of coffee or tea they wish. And at any time they wish. They can have complete privacy when enjoying their drink here. These are the best nearby places that one could eat at near the hotel: Sparks Steak House: If one is really interested in having a big delicious meal with lots of meat, they should go to this steak house. In 2007, it was voted to be the No.1 steak house in Manhattan by Yahoo. It is a family-owned business selling meat of various types, seafood and a long list of wines. It's known to have great deserts too. Sushi Yasuda: Sushi Yasuda serves Sushi made from fish flown straight from Japan. And they prepare high-quality fish sushi. The traditional Omakase is definitely worth the trip there. The price is very good and it the definitely worth more than it. The staff is friendly and offers great service. There is Bamboo furniture, decor and the environment makes one feel as if they're in Japan. There is a great selection of tea. There are reservations for lunch and dinner.