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History and Origin of Hip-Hop Music

Hip Hop is, without a doubt, the most influential cultural movement that spans decades while simultaneously revitalizing and reinvigorating trends old and new, and old again. While there is still some disagreement as to the exact origin of Hip-Hop music, the phrase itself certainly has plenty of claim to the title, and all the more so given the fact that it has always been, and will always be, "reinvented" over again by those that come after it first appeared. It's this very tendency of the phrase to adapt and reinvent itself that gives it longevity, and in fact, is one of its many reasons for being so influential. But when you get right down to it, hip-hop music and hip-hop culture itself is nothing more than a phenomenon that has evolved and grown right along with the times. If you want to listen to hip hop music, you can do it from the What Is That Song website. The origin of hip-hop music is almost as illogical as it is unknowable. Most people believe it to have begun (or at least began somewhere in the late 1960s, though this isn't exactly true. What is known is that artists such as Rakim and Kanye West came together to create what we know today as hip-hop and began to perform and connect with urban youth through their music. Though the exact birth date of hip-hop is unknown, it is generally agreed that it was probably brought about somewhere around the same time that Rakim and Kanye West began to perform and connect with the public. Hip-hop and its various sub-genres have been considered by some to be a movement, much like the African-American music that was popular during the time that this genre was formed. Indeed, much of the music that the younger generations of today listen to, especially those that are considered 'conscious' hip-hop, has been considered to be a rebellious offshoot of the original movement. This is because these young people today are trying to express their own feelings, especially to those who they feel are not understanding their struggles or problems. In the case of hip-hop, these people were expressing their anger over the shortcomings of modern society. Whether or not this was justified is something that can only be judged in hindsight but for the sake of argument, let's assume that it was. While the origin of hip-hop may be difficult to pinpoint, one certainty is that it has had a profound effect on the culture of urban America. Hip-hop dance is now a common form of entertainment that is showcased at most major events and is often showcased through various television stations.