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Big Changes Mega Goal 1 Courses 1441

Prepare Unit 1 - Big Changes Mega Goal 1 Courses 1441 The substance contains the following types and methods of preparation:

Prepare material by active learning method

Preparing a subject, Mega Qul, in the manner of the teacher's eye

Preparing Mega Qul using modern strategies

Preparing the Meqa Qul by the constructive method (Khammas)

Preparation of Mega Qul by the King Abdullah Project Units method

General Objective Of Teaching English

أحياء 3 التعليم الثانوي

Learn the core vocabulary assigned for this stage.

Listen and understand simple English language.

Express themselves orally using simple English language.

Read and understand simple written English language materials.

Write simple guided sentences in English .

Appreciate the importance of English language as an international language of communication, for introducing Islam, the Islamic nation's culture and the cultural achievements of Muslims to other nations.

Appreciate the importance of English language as an international language of communication to benefit from the achievements of other cultures in accordance with Islam

An example of what was mentioned in the first lesson entitled:

Unit 1

Unit 1 – Big Changes

In the preparation of Mega Qul 1


1Discuss past world events and effects.

2Listen for general understanding about historical events.

3Practice reading with specific purpose.

4Introduce more vocabulary


The teacher divides the students into four or five groups.

The teacher asks the groups to check the most important event in each text.

He /She asks the groups to discuss what they see, For example: What is each photo of?

The teacher gives them 5 minutes to perform this task

The teacher plays the audio as students in their books.

Pause after each segment to check comprehension.

How Effective is Location-Based Marketing?

"Location" has become an essential component of our daily lives. We use hashtags in Instagram images to indicate amazing places we've been. We check-in to our favorite coffee shop on Facebook. To get meals delivered, we disclose our location with restaurants. Almost a third of our smartphone searches are connected to our location. It's no surprise that marketers rely on location-based marketing to reach out to customers and increase sales. So, if you want your industry to succeed, you need to start implementing location-based marketing strategies. Intuizi, with its countless happy clients, offers location based-marketing strategies to new businesses. From discovery and purchase to engagement and retention, location-based marketing is beneficial. When done correctly, location-based marketing allows businesses to target client categories with personalized offers while enhancing the customer experience for a generation that values quick gratification. For example, location-based marketing may notify a prospect that a product they are researching is in stock in a nearby store, permitting them to purchase it quickly. Marketers are using location data in innovative ways to build effective campaign tactics that reach and engage their consumers as spending on location-targeted mobile advertising continues to rise. Thanks to location data, marketers are finding substantial payoffs in the shape of better revenues, broader client bases, and improved response rates. Within marketing strategy, location is a significant and crucial data source. We know it connects the online and real worlds of customers and is essential to improve the experiences we've come to expect. It's complex to overestimate the power of location-based marketing. According to MarTech Series, 83 percent of marketers believe that location data helps them conduct more successful campaigns. They gain in a variety of ways. This technology assists marketers in achieving new business and enhances consumer relationships. Marketers who employ location-based advertising and marketing strategies have a better grasp of what their consumers want and can provide it, resulting in increased customer engagement and reaction. The majority of marketers continue to use location data as a useful marketing tool, although campaign performance assessment has changed from last year's survey. Nearly nine out of ten marketers claimed location-based advertising and marketing resulted in improved sales, followed by an increase in their client base and more consumer engagement. More than 84% of marketers now utilize location data in their marketing and ad campaigns, and 94 % plan to do so in the future. Marketers are using location data in new and emerging channels, and they anticipate doing so more frequently in the coming year. According to a poll conducted by Statista, 89 percent of marketers believe that the main benefit of employing location-based marketing is increased sales. Furthermore, according to Businesswire, location-based advertising initiatives are twenty times more successful than non-location-specific marketing. It has been reported that location-based marketing increases revenue by 146% and conversions by 75%. Intuizi is loaded with technologies, tools, and experts required to take your business next level with its location-based marketing.