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Cater an Event during Covid

Catering makes a considerable part of any event because you cannot just invite guests to an event and let them go back home hungry. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, catering was easy. There were no restrictions on how many guests you could invite and what the catering process would look great. However, the times have changed, and event hosts must adopt new ways to serve guests to create a safe environment. This article will discuss the best ways to cater for an event during Covid.

Take Small Events into Account: You should think small if you are planning to host an event during this pandemic. You might consider inviting a smaller group of people than you usually invite. It will help you plan the event and make it safe for everyone.

1. Micro Events

Keep it small. As more caterers organize micro-events, guest lists are shrinking. Micro events are smaller gatherings that have a small number of attendees. It makes it easier for you to promote—social distancing guidelines. In addition, you can arrange your seating arrangements with more space, so you have plenty of room between guests. 2. Single-Use Products: Disposable items are crucial in keeping guests and staff from getting into contact during times like the pandemic. Plastic cutlery, plastic tableware, and plastic barware are all examples of single-use items. It item can be thrown away after the event. These single-use items are great because they minimize exposure and don't require washing dishes. Mini Samples and Plastic Shot Glasses These are great for desserts and appetizers. It has Mini plastic upside dishes and small salads that can store in the same container.

• Food Picks and Skewers: Guests may grab skewered morsels from the food pick. It eliminates contact with other utensils.

• Tasting Forks & Spoons: Place a small tasting fork on top if you have small serving bowls. It will ensure that your guests don't touch any other utensils.

• Plastic Mason Jars with Lids: These lids are for protection. Mini mason jars keep food sealed from germs.

4. Individual Portions:

Many caterers offer the option of serving boxed lunches or individually packaged meals instead of traditional methods. Mini charcuterie boards- A communal space is not the best option. Charcuterie display you can also make mini charcuterie boards by packaging them individually and serving them with single-serving wine glasses. Charcuterie is a cup is a trend that offers a mini charcuterie display packaged in a cup. Paper one plastic cup, Mason jar, or glass. S'mores kits - Create a dessert kit inside a takeout paper container with mini chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

5. Offer an Online Ordering Platform:

Order online. It isn't only for restaurants. Mobile ordering has become a standard part of modern life. Therefore, catering businesses must offer online ordering. Online catering allows you to reduce lead times and deliver your corporate clients faster. For example, you can order office lunches by phone any time you like and have them delivered to your office with minimal contact.

Online ordering software designed for caterers will meet your business's needs. Customers should be able to place an order and have the ability to input necessary information such as the number of guests and details about the venue.

6. Transparent Cleaning Procedures:

Sanitizing and cleaning food service procedures are essential. However, today's customers want to be informed about the cleaning procedures.

• Do all employees have to wear gloves and masks? • How often do you change your gloves and masks throughout the day? • Which surfaces should sanitize during the day? How often? • What are the most popular sanitizers?

7. Take It Outdoors:

Outdoor venues offer the best environment for catering events. Your catering company should locate in an area with mild weather all year. Outdoors: You can find them here. It is easy to prepare outdoor meals with portable catering equipment. If you live in colder areas of the country, consider heating your home with heated tents or patio heaters. A guest favorite, fire pits provide warmth and a cozy place to gather at outdoor events.