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Here, we describe the construction, implementation, maintenance and use of MEDIC to raise awareness of this resource and to offer it as a putative scaffold in the formal construction of an official disease ontology. In all groups, willingness to pay for treatment from public funds was very strongly correlated with the perception of disease (that is, whether respondents regarded a particular state of being as a disease). Although we did not formally test for hemispheric specificity, the location of the vmPFC cluster on the right but not on the left is consistent with the observations of impaired decision-making in patients with right-sided vmPFC damage.33 Functional imaging studies have implicated the right prefrontal cortex in particular in the regulation of eating behaviour, and overeating has been associated with right frontal lesions (reviewed in Alonso-Alonso and Pascual-Leone34). However, there are certain observations that contest this, suggesting that particular brain regions are indeed more susceptible to atrophy linked to aging or external insults.

But the converse possibility, that the observations are due to elevated BMI, is equally compelling. Recent studies exploring the effects of transient transcranial direct current stimulation on eating behaviour have linked the activation of the right prefrontal cortex with decreased craving for foods and increased satiety.35, 36 Taken together, there is a convergence of several lines of research implicating the right prefrontal cortex in the control of eating behaviour, and perhaps therefore a prima facie case that the observations here and elsewhere11 of cortical thinning in this region are relevant to the behaviours involved in the persistence of elevated BMI. A key question here is whether any conclusions can be drawn from the localisation of BMI-related changes observed in this sample and we begin by considering the known functions of these regions. In other words, we hypothesize that the performance of semi-supervised image segmentation can be further improved via more effective modeling the challenging regions even without corresponding labels.