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HashNet Wiki is a public wiki where information can be stored freely as a knowledge-base of accessible information for humans. We believe information should be free, both free of charge and free as in freedom.

The most common topics posted on this wiki are software, games, reverse engineering, network protocols, and survival, however any topic is welcome as long as it provides valuable knowledge and is approved by the HashNet Staff.

Supported Image Formats

The following file formats are supported by default:

  • .jpg or .jpeg : bitmap image compressed in the standard JPEG format (this lossy format is most suitable for photographs).
  • .png : bitmap image in the Portable Network Graphics format (specified by the W3 Consortium).
  • .gif : bitmap image in the legacy Graphics Interchange Format.

Wiki Bots

Bots are allowed on this wiki as long as they are not malicious and are in compliance of the privacy policy and copyright policy.