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A list of servers from the Club Penguin Continued Client

A Club Penguin world server is server, that is responsible for serving room information such as who is in it, penguin inventories, penguin id's and relaying messages and events between clients using the club penguin protocol.

Usually the server login process follows these steps:

  1. Check if the username exists in the database.
  2. Check if the player is banned.
  3. Check if the hashed password in the database matches exactly to the hashed password provided.
  4. Check if the provided join server token is valid.
  5. Broadcast this player joined to the current room and all buddies on this server.

Differing from a login server, the world server does much more interactive work handling how clients interact with the virtual island. For example, chatting, playing mini-games and handling other special events.

Aurora starting up the world server "monterey"